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Practice meditation the effortless way....

Alisa teaches meditation that is simple to learn, effortless to practice, yet profoundly effective.

With this effortless technique, benefits can be felt and experienced straight away and anyone can learn it- even those who may believe they have the busiest minds and will never be able to learn or sustain an effective practice- if you are one of those people, this course may just be for you...


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What students say...

I could not be more grateful to Alisa for having taught me this technique.

Having used meditation apps and mindfulness techniques in the past, the 1 Giant Mind Being technique is truly unique.   Alisa provides incredible ongoing support and real life answers to any challenges or barriers to practice that arise and is so encouraging throughout her course. I and those close to me have noticed changes in my ability to handle stress and conflict, I look forward to my practice each day. 





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